Trust denies getting donations from Kamal

Trust denies getting donations from Kamal

There was a big buzz in the industry and the media that Kamal Haasan, apart from the ‘Rs 10 crore he received as reumneration’ for appearing in a Pothys advertisement, added six more crore and donated it to Petralthan Pillaiya (PTP) Trust.

Even ‘a certificate of appreciation’ from the trust was doing rounds in some sections of the media. But PTP has denied any such development and refuted the reports as false.

The trust, which works for the treatment of HIV positive children, posted on its social media page: “Some of you have read tweet regarding a donation by Mr.Kamal Haasan to the Petralthan Pillaiya Trust ( PTP Trust). This is false.”

It added: “Spreading this info gives false hope to our children. Please share and retweet this msg. Please avoid spreading inaccurate information. – Msg from Mr.Rajeev Nambiar (Founder Trustee)#kamalhaasan #ptptrust”.

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