Two extreme points of ‘Thozha’

Two extreme points of ‘Thozha’

Makers of Karthi – Nagarjuna starrer ‘Thozha‘ have summed up the movie’s concept in just one sentence. “It is a tale of friendship that blooms between contrastive personalities – A socially disabled slumdog and a physically disabled millionaire.”

While Karthi plays the former, Nagarjuna is the latter and Tamannah appears as the secretary of the millionaire. The film directed by Vamsi is a Tamil-Telugu bilingual and will have a worldwide release on March 25.

Recently, the audio of ‘Thozha’, composed by Gopi Sunder, was launched and it became prefered choice of town for it adequately impresses the listeners with a mix of genres. “Especially, the song ‘Thozha’ crooned by Anirudh and Haricharan has conquered the hearts as it celebrates the anthem of friendship,” the makers said.

Voices of a young league of singers -Karthik, Haricharan, Anirudh, Geetha, Vijay Prakash, Suchithra- have found a place in the album. Produced by PVP Cinema, the film is hitting the screens in Telugu as ‘Oopiri’.

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