Vedhalam official from tomorrow

Vedhalam official from tomorrow

Every day, one or the other sensational news about Ajith Kumar’s Vedalam keeps hitting the headlines. With the theatrical trailer expected to be released tonight, the producers have released a new design of this movie, where Ajith Kumar gets out of the car with some infuriated fists to break down the bones of baddies. The advertisement makes it clear that the reservations start from tomorrow (November 10).

But what’s so appealing is that many theatres in Tamil Nadu had opened the booking plans much prior to the film was screened for censor board committee members. Touted to be an action thriller, the film stars Shruthi Haasan in female lead role and Lakshmi Menon seems to be playing a crucial role.

The musical score by Anirudh has already made it bigger in audio charts, thereby adding more intensity to the film’s expectations.

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