Vijay Antony breaks silence on ‘Glamour Song’

Vijay Antony breaks silence on ‘Glamour Song’

Just when the dust around a particular song was settling down here comes another song begging for attention. Vijay Antony, the music director turned actor, has added spice to the much expected ‘Pichaikkaran’ in which he plays the lead role.

Direction by Sasi and produced by Vijay Antony Film Corporation ‘Pichaikkaran’ is said to be rich in content and richer in production values. The production unit has decided to release a song titled as ‘Glamour song’. It will be released in Youtube this evening.

“I titled it as ‘Glamour song’ just to invoke a sensation and curiosity among the common public and industry. According to me a project’s success is determined with three basic elements Script, Title and Promotion.

Contrary to the initial apprehensions we had over the title there is lot of positive response among the audience.We are glad with the response we had attained for the film in terms of commercial visibility,” Vijay Antony states.

“My idea was to add a promotional song that could possibly enhance the promotion of the movie, and hence the glamour song was born. It will be a complete fun filled jolly entertainer song which will have a collage of sound and a glamours subject.

Glamour in this context doesn’t mean anything derogatory to the society. Its actually a general term which means an attraction towards something and anything. My song will not hurt anybody’s sentiments but will initiate the level of curiosity, which ultimately will be the grand curtain raiser for the promotions for ‘Pichaikkaran’,” he concludes.

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