Vijay Antony feels rich about ‘Pichaikaaran’

Vijay Antony feels rich about ‘Pichaikaaran’

Vijay Antony, the music composer-turned-actor, has chosen an interesting and curious name for his next film- ‘Pitchaikaran

“Each and every single soul had been a beggar at some part of their life, need not be money always. It can in any form or kind and this is the line of our film. I had worked with Sasi sir for Dishyum, he has always impressed me with his choice of script, right from’ Sollamale’, ‘Roja Kootam’, ‘Dishyum’, ‘Poo’ & ‘555 ‘ each were different from others. The inclination to work  with him was always there.”

Throwing more light on the project, he says, “When I had a casual chat with Sasi sir he told me that he has an interesting script, I urged him a lot to narrate it to me. The narration went on for three hours not even in a single place I felt jaded the script was so gripping I immediately offered myself to do the project and requested Sasi sir to take me on board in the project.”

“It was me who was particular in titling the script as “Pitchaikkaran”, but Sasi sir felt that it will leave a negative shade, but I convinced him. The title speaks about the script as its self explanatory. I have not found any major heroes playing the role of a beggar and hence was more than convinced to do this. If I am asked whether it will affect my images i would say definitely no. As I don’t believe in the image theory at all. We need to entertain audience for two and a half hours and I’m here to do that, Pitchaikkaran is not about conveying any message. It is a mixture of emotions,” he adds.

New face Satna Titus is paired opposite Vijay Antony and he is confident that she will mark a place for herself in the industry.

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