Vijay breaks silence on IT raids

Vijay breaks silence on IT raids

“I am deeply pained” is the reaction of Vijay to media reports which claimed that he did not file tax for five years and evaded huge amount of tax money.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the ‘Ilaya Thalapathi’ said, “Income Tax raids is a routine exercise in the film industry and they were conducted at my premises too last week.”

Stating that he, his family and staff members extended their complete cooepration to IT officials, the actor said, “I have been regularly filing tax returns and I have paid my income tax, professional tax and property tax till date.”

He said he has always been a law abiding and responsible citizen and would continue to be so. “But I am pained by reports which claimed that I evaded tax,” he added.

Requesting the media not to hurt him, Vijay said he would alwyas offer his full cooperation to government officials.

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