Vijayalakshmi to retain Chennai 600028 sequel

Vijayalakshmi to retain Chennai 600028 sequel

Venkat Prabhu through his scrupulous efforts has been ensuring that his sequel to 2007 blockbuster hit ‘Chennai 600028 II innings’ has the best course of entertainment, which will offer him a better comeback.

The pre-production works for this film has been completed and the entire team is gearing up for a 50-day shoot from May and the release is scheduled to happen in August. While Mirchi Shiva, Jai, Vijay Vasanth, Nithin Satya and the same-cast of the prequel are being included, it has been now officially confirmed that Vijayalakshmi will be playing the same role as well.

We saw her as the girl in love with Mirchi Shiva and younger sister of Nithin Satya. Now we have to wait and see whether both Mirchi Shiva and Vijayalakshmi appear as married couple. It is already unveiled that the basic gist of this film is about Jai’s marriage, where the reunion happens and they decide to play a cricket match.

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