Vijay’s mission fails, Don’s Revenge – Theri story leaked or rumoured?

Vijay’s mission fails, Don’s Revenge – Theri story leaked or rumoured?

As the entire league of Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans get ready to witness their Matinee Idol’s Theri hitting screens on April 14, the celebrations are already have sprang out for the grand audio launch is scheduled to happen in next couple of days – March 20. With the film turning to a much more different film in the career of Vijay as the makers have been acclaiming, there comes an interesting buzz from the confidential sources of what the film is all about…Whether if this is the plot we’re gonna watch on screens or not, it eventually sounds interesting…

The film is about a happy-go-lucky cop (Vijay) with a perfect family life of beautiful and loving wife (Samantha) and they’re blessed with a daughter as well. His life takes a turn, when he is assigned to handle a complicated case in Madurai, where the daughter of the most powerful and dreaded don (Director Mahendran) is abducted by group of strangers.

Vijay kick-starts his mission of saving his daughter, but due to some miscalculations, the situations turns worse the don’s daughter is terribly ravaged. Infuriated over the wrong calculations and feeling that Vijay is the reason behind his daughter’s deplorable culmination, the don avenges back by killing the cop’s wife (Samantha).

Much broken down with the deteriorated situation, Vijay decides to quit everything and begin a new life for his daughter and they land in Goa, where they come across Amy Jackson. New life begins and happiness slightly starts visiting the father-daughter, the past revisits cop and hereafter, it’s a mystery with thrilling twists and turns that shoot up adrenaline rush.

As mentioned above, we aren’t if this is the original story, but it sounds quite interesting and engrossing too. Well, we have nearly a month to go for the original show to happen and let us keep our fingers crossed for an enthralling experience.

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