Vijay’s Puli cameraman makes a humble request

Vijay’s Puli cameraman makes a humble request

There are always such scenarios happening and whenever a big ticket turns to be a blockbuster, no doubt! We are instantly exposed to lots of comparisons happening. One such illustration goes well with SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali, which is trending with so much of headlines for various reasons.

The film is now getting ready the shoot of second part in Kerala and the other sensational news is about the grand release in 5000 theatres across China. Meanwhile, Vijay’s Puli has become the most used topic in comparison to Bahubali.

Many have been constantly comparing both the films and have been creating some memes as well. To put an end to such topics, actor-cinematographer Natty, who made a sensational spell as an actor in Sathuranga Vettai has handled camera for this film.

Speaking about this, he says, “Please don’t compare Bahubali with Puli. Both these films belong to different storylines and backdrops. We have worked a lot for this film shooting across the forests, where no movies had been shot before.

While we were shooting, there would be more dangerous situations like snakes and elephants making their entries and many lives were threatened.”

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