Vikram goes to London for his son

Vikram goes to London for his son

In the past few days, we have been seeing many pictures of Chiyaan Vikram’s son being circulated in almost all the leading sites, micro-blogging pages and social networking sites.

In fact, he has been looking something called a sort of intellectually handsome. It seems that he has been so much adhered to screenwriting and filmmaking, where he wants to gain more knowledge about the technical aspects rather than wearing the greasepaint.

While the actor’s 10 Endrathukulla was released before three days, instead of basking in the glory of success, he has flown down to London for getting admission for his son Dhruv at a leading filmmaking institute… It’s really a great thing to see a busy actor focusing so much on his family and children.

Let us hope Dhruv soon completes his filmmaking course and direct his father soon.

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