Vikram to play Suriya-Karthi dad

Vikram to play Suriya-Karthi dad

Chiyaan Vikram and Suriya together made a tremendous impact in their magnum opuses together titled ‘Pitha Magan’, directed by Bala. The combo was so much powerful that it kept everyone in the industry yearning on their comeback together.

Now it looks like a powerful magic is getting recreated with triple power. Yes, if what we heard from the close sources is believed to be true, then Vikram will be playing the father of Suriya and Karthi in the official remake of Hollywood blockbuster movie Warriors, which is now remade in Hindi as Brothers featuring Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar and Siddarth Malhotra in lead roles.

It is the story about two estranged brothers who are forced by circumstances to lock horns of combat inside the boxing rings after a long time.


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