Vishal backs out from Kamal-Panneer Selvam issue

Vishal backs out from Kamal-Panneer Selvam issue

Now and then, whenever something controversial happens, especially in film industry, the media channels unceasingly try to gain more momentum by getting the views of other celebrities.

While the entire city is appalled over the Chennai flood, Kamal Haasan’s clarification on ‘Tax’ and ‘Government’ in accordance to the remarks made by honourable minister O Panneer Selvam.

While Vishal along with his friend actors has been consistently involved in the mission of offering floor relief materials and food to the affected areas, he spoke to the media channels during the break of ‘Marudhu’ shooting happening at Rajapalayam. “We have tried our best to contribute our best service to the people.

Although, we have been doing the best in reviving the situation along with others, it’s my humble request to the Government that they ensure safety and precautionary measures to prevent such mishaps,” said Vishal who didn’t want to make any comments pertaining to the speech clashes that has happened between Kamal Haasan and Minister Panneer Selvam.

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