Vishal finally gets what he wanted

Vishal finally gets what he wanted

Actor Vishal has been brimming up with one desire for the past couple of years and that was about cancelling the agreement with Sathyam Cinemas pertaining to the multiplex that was to be built at the premises of Nadigar Sangam, which was initiated by the previous team led by Sarath Kumar, Radharavi and few others.

In fact, the clash between two groups became more enthralling for the media channels as the topic remained to be a hot topic for many satellite channels and online portals. Now that the Pandavar Ani has won the elections and lots of good things have been ensured from their end, the most promising agenda of cancelling the agreement with Sathyam Cinemas happened yesterday.

Although Vishal couldn’t make it for the occasion, Karthi on the behalf of Nadigar Sangam managed to be a part of this occasion and the pictures were later posted on the micro-blogging page. Vishal later wrote on his micro-blogging page claiming, “Finally, it’s over! We have cancelled the lease agreement between SPI Cinemas and Nadigar Sangam.

Congratulations to the entire team. Great achievement…”

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