Vishal’s gesture to Kollangudi Karuppayee

Vishal’s gesture to Kollangudi Karuppayee

Veteran folk singer and actress Kollanguri Karuppayee was in for a pleasant surprise from Nadigar Sangam general secretary Vishal recently.


After reading a media report in which Karuppayee was quoted as saying that she was suffering a lot without income and she was not even made a member of Nadigar Sangam, Vishal has rushed financial support to her.

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Also, he has given an assurance that she would be made a member of South Indian Artistes Association within a week’s time.

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Karuppayee is considered one of the pioneers of Tamil folk music. She served as an inspiration for many other folk artistes. She started her career as a performer on All India Radio about thirty years before her foray into films. She is a recipient of the prestigious Kalaimamani award for her contributions to music.

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