‘Wedding’ with Ashna: What Santhanam has to say?

‘Wedding’ with Ashna: What Santhanam has to say?

Since Wednesday afternoon, rumour mills are working overtime suggesting that Santhanam has entered wedlock with Ashna Zaveri, his heroine in ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Ayudham’ and ‘Inime Ippadi Thaan’, in Tirumala.

With photographs supporting the claim featuring Santhanam (with veshti, shirt and naamam) walking on road with Ashna and few others, the buzz spread like wild fire. However, the ace comedian has denied it.

This is what he had to say when the media asked about it to him: “As a routine, I visited Tirupati before the shoot of my next film. When Ashna also visited the place, we were somehow photographed together.”

“I was requested for an interview and since the purpose of the visit was different, I didn’t want to do it. Media has come up with a baseless rumour stating that Ashna and I were there to get married. This is utter-rubbish”, he added.

“Ashna’s visit with her family to Tirupati was sheer coincidence and we are good colleagues. Nothing more is there between us,” he added.

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