What is Mirchi Shiva’s next is all about?

What is Mirchi Shiva’s next is all about?

Mirchi Shiva and Ashok Selvan have come together for a film titled ‘144’. Oviya is also there in the flick, which is about conflict between two villages. It is directed by Manikandan, a fresher.

“Though 144 denotes a section of law in Indian constitution, the movie is not about violence or any serious issue. It will narrate in a comical way the clash between two villages,” says Manikandan.

Stating that the story was inspired by a real life incident, the director adds that he has loaded the script with humour and interesting screenplay. “Shiva plays a chain snatcher while Ashok Selvan a car driver,” he says.

“Though Shiva plays a chain snatcher, he has his own ethics in his job. He has no punch dialogues. Ashok Selvan, even as working as car driver, dreams to become a car racer,” Manikandan adds.

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