What will Kamal do if he meets God?

What will Kamal do if he meets God?

Kamal Haasan, who has been advocating strongly against returning awards in the name of ‘protest against intolerance’, was at it again on Saturday evening, presiding over a function organised by his welfare club members to celebrate his 61st birthday.

“They keep asking why I didn’t return my award. In that case, Mahatma Gandhi should’ve also returned his law degree to the British government because he was against it. But he didn’t do so, did he,” Kamal asked.

“We are not politically oriented and that doesn’t mean we don’t understand politics”, he said. “If God appears before me, I’ll shake his hands and will not bow before him,” Kamal added.

He also said he would question God why didn’t he understand Tamil and why such huge differences among human beings in the world.

“I have been accused of irresponsibility and callousness when I said I will not return my award,” he said. “I will raise voice if a suspicion arises that my right to freedom of speech and that of my friends and brothers will be infringed.”

“People should seriously consider using podiums to raise their voice. I don’t see the need to return awards. I received the National award from an eminent jury of 12 members and if I decide to return it, I’d be insulting them,” he stated further.

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