When Vijay’s father kills Sudeep’s father?

When Vijay’s father kills Sudeep’s father?

Sounds to be more inquisitive and at times literally perplexing, but this is something that has been spreading fast on airs like forest fires. According to the sources close to the unit of Vijay’s Puli, this remains to be the central plot of this movie.

If what we hear from them is believed to be true, then Vijay’s father happens to be a warrior and so is Sudeep’s father in the kingdom ruled by Sridevi.

On an unexpected turn, Vijay’s father kills Sudeep’s father and the latter’s son avenges to retaliate. This is when, Sridevi decides to time travel and bring the courageous warrior back to their time from future and correct the past of preventing the mishap….

However, things remains unclear and vague as some of the other sources claim this to be a baseless rumour. The film directed by Chimbu Devan will have the trailer launched on August 20 and the songs are already faring well in charts.

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