Why Anushka did ‘Inji Iduppazhagi’?

Why Anushka did ‘Inji Iduppazhagi’?

Anushka Shetty underwent a lot of pains before and after doing ‘Inji Iduppazhagi’ (‘Size Zero’ in Telugu), for she had to increase and decrease weight as per the demands of the script and her character in it.

Initially, director Prakash Kovelamudi approached Anushka for a stylish role (which was later performed by Sonal Chauhan). However, the ‘Rudhramadevi’ actress was bent on doing this one and succeeded finally.

So, what made her to do all these? Simple, says Anushka, adding: “I took up this project as every girl can relate to this film. The subject will appeal to all the girls.”

Anushka’s decision and determination are bringing her laurels from various quarters and the director himself now accepts that no one other than her could have done justice to the role. “What a dedicated artiste she is”, says Prakash.

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