“Why are you cornering me?” – Rajesh

“Why are you cornering me?” – Rajesh

Director Rajesh predominantly becomes one of the most commercially celebrated filmmakers who have boozing and smoking as his major backdrop in the films. Later, he decided to avoid his protagonists smoke cigarettes and you know it all from the teaser of All in All Azhagu Raja.

Nevertheless, the drinking heroes and actors remain to be the same in his movies and this includes his recent release Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga that has an abbreviated term of VSOP.

While the director was reported to directing Jiiva in his next, there were some buzzes that the film is getting titled as Kudiyum Kuduthanamum, which is again more into alcoholic zone. But Rajesh arriving to the situation has completely refused such stories to be baseless rumours and has said that while the script itself is yet to be worked out, how he could finalise the title now.

One thing is sure now, the film will have the same combination of SMS – Jiiva and Santhanam again in lead roles. On asking why his movies always have this drinking mania and he says, “Why are you cornering me alone? Every film has it and maybe it’s because my scenes become popular.”

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