Why Rajinikanth not speaking much with media?

Why Rajinikanth not speaking much with media?

Why superstar Rajinikanth is not speaking much with media? Here is the reply of Thalaivar.

The legendary actor humbly said, “Well, I have not done much. I thus do not know what to talk to the media about. Earlier too I was not too keen on talking about myself, and that has stayed with me.

“Only those who have done some great work and have something to say can talk about themselves. I don’t think I fall in that category. Moreover, I believe that my work will speak for itself.”

One aspect of his recent film Lingaa that Rajini had a tough time with, was keeping up with his young co-stars Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty.

“I am fine with acting with these young actresses. But dancing with them really embarrassed me. They are my daughters’ age. It was not a great feeling dancing with these youngsters,” smiled Rajini.

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