“Why shouldn’t a Christian Convert into Hinduism?” – Kamal Haasan

“Why shouldn’t a Christian Convert into Hinduism?” – Kamal Haasan

Everyone is in awe of what happened at the success meet of Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam. The film was released on last Friday and has been consistently drawing crowds to the theatres and there are repeat audiences as well. Owing to the grand hit of this film, Kamal and the entire team of Papanasam was present at Image Auditorium in Chennai Abhiramipuram inviting media channels to thank one and all for their earnest support.

During this occasion, the art department had erected the same set works of Tea shop, house and police station as in the original film and the actors performed certain scenes. In fact, almost everyone in the crew including Kalabhavanmani from Kerala had visited Chennai by morning and was involved in the great rehearsals.

Soon after this stage performance, Kamal Haasan was asked by a renowned journalist about the transformation of his role. While Mohanlal performed a Christian in the original version, why did he modify it as a Hindu in the Tamil remake? While everyone expected that Kamal Haasan might take a pause before answering, he had already conveyed his reason saying, “While Kozhikode in original version had become Papanasam in the remake, why not a Christian become a Hindu here?”

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