Will Trisha care for animals only?

Will Trisha care for animals only?

Trisha‘s strong reaction against animal cruelty, in the context of a Uttarakhand BJP MLA allegedly attacking a police horse, has earned criticsm.

Some social media activists have said that the actress only bothers for animals, and not human beings, as she remains silent over the recent honour killing, in which a Dalit youngster was murdered in broad-day light in Udumalpet Sunday last.

They event went to the extent of saying that Trisha is being paid by animal welfare organisations for her comments expressing care and concern for animals.

Sharing the link of a news report about the MLA’s act, Trisha posted on her social media page: “Yes I pray u burn in hell !! Absolutely ashamed”. It is to be noted that the actress is the goodwill ambassador of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

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