Will Vishal & team stop Kabali, Vijay 59 shooting?

Will Vishal & team stop Kabali, Vijay 59 shooting?

Just few days before the election of Nadigar Sangam had happened; there was a huge sensation about both the parties talking ill things about others consistently.

When the directors union remains calm and said that they are happy with whomever comes to power, Tamil Nadu Producers Council President Kalaipuli S Dhanu made a statement that he along with 100 producers in the council have decided to support Sarath Kumar and his team for the elections.

But soon after the victory of Pandavar Ani, the members here alleged Kalaipuli S Dhanu for making a fake statement that none of the producers had actually joined him for opposing and he made a false claim on this. Now it looks like, the members might insist Kalaipuli S Dhanu to give a proper explanation or else resign this position.

It probably looks like the artistes association might now take a decision not to cooperate with these members who made fake statements and disassociate from acting in their movies. It is worth mentioning that Vijay 59 and Rajnikanth’s Kabali are produced by Kalaipuli S Dhanu now.

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