Exclusive – Yaavarum Nalam sequel based on Japanese film ‘Yogen’?

Exclusive – Yaavarum Nalam sequel based on Japanese film ‘Yogen’?

It’s too-too early as even the producers themselves might be little doubtful, but this is something we heard it straight from the close sources of filmmaker Vikram Kumar, who is close on the heels of completing the post-production works of ‘24’.

He shot to fame with his supernatural thriller ‘Yaavarum Nalam’, which featured Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in lead roles. The film turned to be an extraordinary hit that even the Hollywood’s most reputed studio – Weinstein Company grabbed the International theatrical remake rights of this movie.

Later, the duo Vikram-Madhavan decided to come up with the film’s sequel and was shelved up due to some reasons. Now we learn that Vikram Kumar had actually got inspired from the Japanese film ‘Yogen’ titled as ‘Premonition’ in English.

Nevertheless, Vikram Kumar says that he has no idea about what’s happening about this buzz and his immediate next would be a different script.

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