Just couple of days pending and the booking plans have already turned to be on the best scenario. Much more than uttering ‘Thanga Magan’, it’s VIP that comes to our grasping minds as the same team had delivered a sensational blockbuster last year. Moreover, the theatrical trailer of this film has evidently proved to have some close similarities between these movies.

In this innovative exclusive, we bring you something on 5 close similarities between Thanga Magan and VIP on the detailed analysis.

1. Family relationships – It looks like much alike VIP, Thanga Magan too has lots of emphasis on family relationship. Be it father-mother love or the relationship with girlfriend and wife, the bonding is very well depicted, more in a poetic and pragmatic style.

2. The journey of dreams – Both the movies feature the protagonist as the youngster from an ordinary family background trying to achieve something  more bigger in life on a different route unlike the routine ones. 

3. Hurdles from the rich tycoons – In VIP, it was a more troublesome hurdle caused by the rich business in the world of construction. Obviously, few dialogues and portions from Thanga Magan makes it clear that there are such elements available in this movie as well. 

4. Humour – Although the youngster was going through some troubles in life, there is no dearth of humour. In this film, it looks like there would additional humour as the portions involving Dhanush, Amy Jackson and Ethir Neechal Satish, we see in trailer embellish our assumptions. 

5. Angry Young Man – Apart from the emotions, humour and love, the basic element or the strong characteristic value of protagonist is being ‘Angry Young Man’. It looks like, the fight sequences are completely made for the sake of fulfilling the fans and this time, it is going to be more appealing.

Finally the movie is all set to release on December 18.

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