10 Endrathukulla Movie Review

10 Endrathukulla

Movie : 10 Endrathukulla
Directed by : Vijay Milton
Produced by : AR Murugadoss
Written by : Vijay Milton
Starring : Vikram, Samantha, Pasupathy, Jackie Shroff, Ramdoss, Sampoornesh Babu
Music by : D. Imman, Anoop Seelin (BGM)
Cinematography : Bhaskaran K.M
Edited by : Sreekar Prasad
Production company : A.R Murugadoss Productions
Distributed by : Fox Star Studios
Release dates : 21 October 2015
Running time : 144 minutes
Country : India
Language : Tamil
Budget : 400 million

Fast-paced thriller with high-voltage sequences was the assurance we got to experience through the theatrical trailer of this film. Car chases, breathtaking action sequences and lots more with kisses in fill-ins made our expectations pretty groovy. With a remarkable film like Goli Soda, Vijay Milton shoots up his next attempt as a biggie ’10 Endrathukulla’ starring Vikram and Samantha in lead roles with Pasupathy, Abhimanyu Singh and Rahul Dev in important roles.

Group of innocents belonging to outer caste are mercilessly massacred in Uttarakhand… Somewhere in the deepest locations of North India, we see a herculean goon with few henchmen mercilessly chopping off hands and abducting girls. Down the south in Tamil Nadu, there is a funny broker (Pasupathy) who deals with smuggling through cars. Then there is a fantabulous drive with no name (Chiyaan Vikram) who would easily accomplish with any tasks. A beautiful girl Shakeela (Samantha) becomes the prey of kidnappers in North India and Pasupathy becomes the dealer. Coincidentally, she is up there in the car driven by Vikram and rest is about how all these characters across different parts of the country and the shocking massacre incidents are connected.

The very opening shot of the film reveals that there is something more intriguing in this movie, something more enough than commercial aspects. In fact, when the twist of surprise comes through the second half by 25 minutes prior to the climax is something more enthralling. Chiyaan Vikram has done a great job with his stunts and performance. He can ardently thank cinematographer, stunt choreographer and editor for having made car chases and action sequences more stunning. Samantha as a cherubic girl tries to give her best and revealing more on her could be a spoiler. Pasupathy on his part does what is required from his characterisation in the film. Abhimanyu Singh and Rahul Dev could have been very well utilised, but didn’t get a good scope.

Except the song ‘Vrooom’, D Imman fails to deliver a neat commendable song. Cinematography and Editing have been extraordinarily presented. Especially, the action sequences and even the small detailing shots like crows on the wires, some minute cuteness and other stuffs have been exquisitely shot.

On the flip side, the running length should have been trimmed. It should have been actually around 120 minutes, which could have made it more appealing and racy indeed.

Verdict: Time pass entertainer… Could have been trimmed but…

10 எண்றதுக்குள்ள விமர்சனம்

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