Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Chandi Veeran

Sargunam films have been always the closest synonyms to village based entertainers. He has showcased some unique backdrops laced with comedy and drama. His first film ‘Kalavani’ was a surprise hit followed by critically acclaimed ‘Vaagai Sooda Vaa’. Disappointingly, his very next outing ‘Naiyaandi’ didn’t perform well in box office. This time, he tries to blend action and comedy together in this fourth outing titled ‘Chandi Veeran’ that stars Atharvaa and Anandhi in lead roles.

The film focuses on a water crisis between two villages that puts them on severe confrontation. Having worked in Singapore and getting back to his respective native village, Atharvaa tries to sort out the issue unknowing that his own life is at stake. He is madly in love with Anandhi, who happens to the daughter of Rice Mill Owner (Lal), but sooner it becomes a major conflict. Things proceed with a much serious and complicated scenario followed by an unexpected humour dashing through the way.

Atharvaa’s magnum opus Paradesi has been winning him the incredible praises relentlessly and till today, he is heavily praised for this magnum opus. Unfortunately to the disappointments, his next film ‘Irumbu Kuthirai’ was a pathetic flop. Coming after a yearlong interval, he has chosen a script that would gain some reception from the rural audiences. Yes, we appreciate his performance, but at a point of time, we feel Atharvaa is worthy of performing something greater beyond our expectations. He has nothing much to perform, but has done what is required to the script and his characterisation. Anandhi performed a prowess spell in ‘Kayal’, but immediately stepping into a normal commercial role is something not appreciable. She is nothing but a replication of what Oviya had performed in the film ‘Kalavani’. Director-actor Lal has done a fabulous job and his flawless performance becomes the major backbone of this film.

Sargunam films always have some good songs irrespective of who the composer is. But this time, it is not so much appealing although Sabesh-Murali have tried embellishing it on their own efforts. Cinematography is beautifully done and the exotic locales are very well canned.

The first half rarely touches the basic plot of this film and by the time, we are introduced to the major issue, it’s already late and even the second half with unwanted song sequence hampers the progression. The major problem with the film is that the there is a confusion while watching the film whether it’s a comedy entertainer or action thriller.

Finally, the director reveals the genre by end of this show, which might not be apt for the film’s title indeed, but somehow it might engage the rural and suburban audiences.

Verdict: Somewhat middling with average entertainment

Rating: 2.25/5

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