Demonte Colony Movie Review

Demonte Colony

Cast & Crew

Starring – Arulnithi
Written and Directed by – R.Ajay Gnanamuthu
Cinematography – Aravinnd Singh
Music Composer – Keba Jeremiah
Editing – Bhuvan Srinivasan
Art Director – T.Santhanam
Lyrics – Na.Muthukumar & Arunraja Kamaraj
Banner – Sri Thenandal Films and Mohana Movies


Movie Review:

Spooky thrillers have been making every Friday more celebratory in theatres and especially the summer vacations have been getting the best toast of its course. Following the grand success of ‘Kanchana 2’, here comes ‘Demonte Colony’, a film that is reported to be based on some real life incidents laced with fiction and the eerie elements.

Before 16 years, Hollywood spearheaded with one such unusual horror genre titled ‘The Blair Witch Project’ directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez. The film actually started off the trend, where the friends in group are attacked at haunted places. Demonte Colony brings forth such an instance, where four friends embark on their journey into this haunted house and rest is about the horripilating fate haunting them.

Four friends – Srinivasan aka Srini (Arulnithi), Raghavan, Vimal and Sajith are happy go lucky youngsters, who have this devil may care attitude. Over a night, where the entire Chennai is merged with midnight silence, they make their way into a haunted place called ‘De Monte Colony’, which is said to be haunted for centuries. When one among them carries the mysterious chain present there, rest is what they didn’t expect.

Horror movies irrespective of how engaging it is or should be manage to grab the audience’s attention if it has the best technicians on board.  The background score and cinematography if exerted with the best appeal, then it would bring you the most chilling experience with visuals. Over here, cinematographer Aravind Singh and guitarist-music director Keba Jeremiah offer the best efforts to nurture this eerie thriller. These two are the greatest pillars of this film.  Although, two songs in the first half are enjoyable, they seems to be deliberately included for the sake of commercial aspects.

The first half rarely has some catchy moments, which would let your popcorn’s juggled up over the seats. Very less thrills and chills during the first hour and the actual horror-drama strikes as we move to the second half, with some commendable moments. Not to miss the scene, where the protagonist himself has his own terror. But Arulnithi could have emphasized few more efforts to give the best performance. He looks little doubtful in many places of what he is doing. Raghavan manages to bring forth some of his laudable energy and his performance is completely close to the skin of his characterization. Ramesh Thilak is always known for giving the realistic acting and over here does the same. In fact, his presence adds up some additional intensity. The one essaying the role of De Monte is extraordinary and his makeover is extraordinarily done.

If you want to know which scene really excites you with shuddering effects, then it’s none other than the intermission point followed by the immediate start of second half and not to miss the penultimate sequences that will push you up with fun and Goosebumps.

While Tamil Cinema has been following the prototyped horror stories in the technical and narrative aspects, Ajay Gnanamuthu has clearly struck a different stroke following the pattern of James Wan’s Conjuring and Insidious.


Verdict: A sleek horror-thriller worth watching.  

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