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Enakkul Oruvan

A sophisticated plot inspired or borrowed from Tom Cruise’s Vennila Sky (2001), though not completely, but with some percentage. Enakkul Oruvan, a remake of Kannada hit flick ‘Lucia’ had the best appraisals across the globe and the Bollywood went gaga as the producers clasped the remake rights for a whopping price. It was so much exciting to see the remake happening here in Kodambakkam. Let’s see what really impresses us and what disappoints with Siddarth-Deepa Sannidhi starrer ‘Enakkul Oruvan’

The film speaks about the swapping mode of a youngster from dream-real-dream world due to his insomniac problems. One happens to be an uneducated unsuccessful underdog boy working as a theatre operator and other one, a filthy rich actor on top of charts. The characters in real and dream world persist to be the same and before you conclude your assumptions, an unexpected twist of surprise happens in the end.

A simple plot, well recognized and acclaimed in Kannada industry with not-so famous actors in the cast and a complete new attempt, where public funded this project. Before starting off with the analysis, we would like extend our appreciations to filmmaker Pawan Kumar, who wrote script and screenplay for the original version as well. Over here, Prasad Ramar credited with additional screenplay along with director has made some modifications that reluctantly favour and at times turn out to be a disappointment.

The first and foremost problem with ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ in blunt terms would be a dissatisfying characterization of lead actors, especially Siddarth. The performance level of Siddarth remains so vague and stubborn. The theatre boy role has to be more sympathetic, but Sid exhibits a slight arrogance into it. Deepa Sannidhi although does her best in performance, her role could have been very well etched. The innocence, love and spirit of emotions is blindly lacking, which doesn’t help us connect with the film. Aadukalam Narain is the only convincing factor in star-cast and rest are just okay.

Technically, the black and white-colour portions irk us after a certain point of time. The makers have directly hired the original version elements to Tamil version. They should have clearly been cognizant of what Tamil film audiences are capable and what they would reject. This turns out to be yet another disappointing element in the film. Although, the justification has been done towards the end, there is nothing more progressive about it.

The songs by Santosh Narayanan are good and the background score is appreciable with the cinematography by Gopi with top-notch effects.

On the whole, Enakkul Oruvan – if there could be one person who deserves the best appraisals, it’s Pawan Kumar, the writer and director of original version while with performance, its the supporting ones that carries the film on its shoulders. The climax portion of truth revealed, the secret interview and few elements of emotions tries to rub off the boring elements in the 2 hours of flick, but it doesn’t achieve the best results of what it is capable of.

Verdict: Excellent plot letdown by performance and snail-paced narration.


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