Indru Netru Naalai Movie Review

Indru Netru Naalai

Debutant Ravi Kumar makes a decent effort in making a movie that literally is something new to Tamil cinema. Time Machine and Time Travel, so far have been a tremendous genre in the world of Hollywood and after many attempts by several filmmakers, director Ravi Kumar picks up the option. The film is jointly produced by C.V. Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment and K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green with Vishnu Vishal, Mia George and Karunakaran in lead characters. Making his musical debut with the film Aambala, Hip Hop Aadhi has composed music for this film and cinematography is handled by A. Vasanth.

Its 2065 Chennai, a scientist (Arya) has endeavoured manufacturing a Time Travel machine and sends his pet dog as the subject. Unfortunately as the machine commuted to current time gets malfunctioned and it gets into the hands of Vishnu Vishal and Karunakaran, who are close friends and a lunatic wannabe scientist. The encounters they have through his machine are quite profitable, but sooner the lives are doomed. Now it’s up Vishnu and Karunakaran to make sure that thing are set properly so that the pathetic lives are transformed into happy moments.

Fine! Keep aside the negative traits if you’re triggered to find out. We have got to appreciate the entire team for delivering a completely new dimensional movie. Time Travel has been a long time desired genre in Tamil and newcomer Ravi Kumar has pushed it to the best levels. He has clearly understood the fact that it’s a complicated theme and has distinctly mixed it up with commercial elements. The first half becomes more evident of his decorous effort and it would have been nice if the second half had its course of engagement in the right manner.

On the performance level, Vishnu Vishal hasn’t really exceeded our expectations but has played what the role has demanded. He has underplayed his role in many places and has done proper justice to it. On the pars, Karunakaran has efficiently showcased his prowess in humorous and emotional quotients. Mia George might have not obtained a substantial role as in her debut film ‘Amara Kaaviyam’, but somehow manages to steal the show with her blissful acting. Jayaprakash is efficiently good and Sai Kiran, playing the baddie deserves appreciations.

There is no sign that Hip Hop Aadhi has composed music for this film, but has done some decent task in background score. Cinematography is an additional benefit and so is editing. But what stands out at the best is the Computer Generated works that has bestowed the film with the standard it actually deserves.

There might be some confusion over the narration and that’s not the fault of director, but the theme that really keeps demanding our attention. But with Ravi Kumar keeping things balanced with rational and entertaining parts, Indru Netru Naalai becomes a commendable entertainer.

Verdict: No worries! Just grab your tickets

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