Innimey Ippadithaan aka Inimey Ippadithan Movie Review

Innimey Ippadithaan aka Inimey Ippadithan

Cast & Crew

Movie – Innimey Ippadithaan
Starring – Santhanam, Thambi Ramaiah, Ashna Zaveri, Akila Kishore, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren, Pragathi and Many Others
Music – Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi
Director – Muruganand
Editing – Ruben
DOP – Gopi Jagadesswaran
Producer – Santhanam
Banner – Handmade Films


Movie Review

Santhanam has been involved in the scrupulous efforts of achieving something greater as a solo hero and his first film ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’ was indeed a good example. Now with more efforts, he has tried to give the best show in his second film as hero. Inimey Ippadithan is directed by duo Muruganand and is produced by Santhanam’s home banner with Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore playing the female lead characters.

When Santhanam doesn’t find a good looking girl with high personality for being his wife, even his parents get tired on this relentless pursuit… Meanwhile, Santhanam falls in love with a gorgeous girl (Ashna Zaveri) and manages to win her heart. Apparently, his parents along with uncle (Thambi Ramaiah) finally get an arranged proposal of beautiful girl (Akhila Kishore). Now Santhanam is wedged between the two girls and is unable to handle the situations. Who is he going to marry finally? This forms the crux of the story.

What strikes our minds at the earliest is that Santhanam’s proficient skill in dedicating himself to the role. He looks completely apt for the character and does a marvelous job in his mannerisms and body language. Not to miss his authentic style of delivering funny dialogues that keeps everyone enchanted. Ashna Zaveri has become too much thinner and she could have maintained her weight for better looks. Akila Kishore doesn’t have more prominence to her character, but with her minimal portions does a neat task. VTV Ganesh as usual amuses the crowd with his fun-filled lines and everyone in the cast including Aadukalam Narain and Thambi Ramaiah has their toast of fun-filled celebrations.

The songs by Santosh are exquisitely good, but the film doesn’t find a proper placement. Cinematography could have been better with few best visuals. Editing is good. The screenplay becomes the most substantial element in this film for we don’t find the film boring anywhere. Thanks to team of writers and directors who have managed to pull of the film perfectly with engrossing aspects.

The establishment of characters with humorous touch and almost every character making a best spell and the hilarious lines keep us in huge laughter-riot. The film ends with a good message, especially for every guy in town who wants to marry the dream girl. Somehow, we can relate this film and its formulae to the yesteryear Bhagyaraj movies.

On the whole, Inimey Ippadithaan offers the best package of humour and entertainment with an unexpected twist in the climax with a good message at end.


Verdict: Can watch it for sure

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