Innimey Ippadithaan Music Review

Innimey Ippadithaan

Santhanam delivered a promising debut in lead role with the film ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’ and with the grand success has proceeded ahead with ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ that stars the same heroine Ashna Zaveri in female lead role along with Akhila Kishore of Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam. Santosh Dayanidhi makes his debut as music director and the film is directed by debutants Anand and Murugan named together as ‘Muruganand’.


1. Athana Azhagayum

Singers: Varun Parandhaman and Sopia Ashraf


The album starts off with a feel good romantic number, which is good on hearing with mild intonations and rhythmic accompaniments. Santosh deserves special mention for getting these singers Varun Parandhaman and Sopia Ashraf who brim up the song with some decorous elements.


2. Athula Oru Kaal

Singers: Mahalingam, Thalapathi and Sapta


Something chirpy and fun-filled! This could be the abrupt experience we gain through the song. And again, the singers make it more compelling to offer the best they could afford, but the visuals would decide the result of this song. The lyrical lines sound funny in places with unique words.


3. Azhagana Aanazahaga

Vocals: Harini


Harini is another synonym to the most mellisonant words in the musical genre. She has carried forth a beautiful effect to the song. This should be the cherry pick of this album.


4. Inimey Ippadithaan

Vocals: Karthik & Aishwarya


A cool romantic track that has some essence of emotions conveyed through the voices of Karthik and Aishwarya… Perhaps, the visuals again with colourful emblazonment would add up more celebration on the screens. Karthik sounds pretty the same and there is no modulation, but Aishwarya has her best appeal in intonation.


5. Thedi Odunaen

Singers: Santosh Kumar Dhayanidhi and Aalaap Raju


Aalaap Raju can blindly and effortlessly add the best impact to any melodies and such is his magical touch. This song becomes ample evidence to this and music director Santosh Kumar Dhayanidhi creates a best musical ambience.


6. Paatha Oru Lookula

Singer: Gaana Bala

Gaana Bala sounds ordinary and we are over familiar with his voice and this one could be a good one if it gets the best visuals.


On the whole, ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ is an average affair that has some lively music from debutant Santosh and if the visuals are done with best visuals, then some songs would have a good result aftermath release.


Verdict: Moderate start by Santosh



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