Irudhi Suttru Movie Review

Irudhi Suttru

Directed by : Sudha Kongara
Produced by : S. Sashikanth, C. V. Kumar (Tamil), R. Madhavan (Hindi), Rajkumar Hirani (Hindi)
Written by : Sudha Kongara Prasad, Sunanda Raghunathan, Arun Matheshwaran (Tamil dialogues)
Starring : R. Madhavan, Ritika Singh
Music by : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : Sivakumar Vijayan
Edited by : Sathish Suriya
Production company : Y NOT Studios, UTV Motion Pictures, Thirukumaran Entertainment (Tamil)
Distributed by : Dream Factory (Tamil), Rajkumar Hirani Films, Tricolour Films (Hindi)
Release dates : 29 January 2016
Country : India
Language Tamil, Hindi

A coach and his protégé travelling through the hardships to conquer the dreams that world would look upon. A nitty-gritty tale that takes you through an emotional course of more dramatic episodes narrated with crispness and brilliant technical aspects. Filmmaker Sudha Kongra’s maiden debut ‘Drohi’ might have not been everyone’s favourite cup of coffee, but it had some efficiency in the making style. Taking a long phase, perhaps a pregnant pause for years, she bounces back with an impeccable tale of ‘Irudhi Suttru’ that offers inspiringly propelling encounters.

Madhavan plays a retired boxer, who is urged by situations to give up his dream career. Off the late, his venture as a coach too gets in risky stake. He moves down to Chennai and there comes across a compelling amateur boxer (Ritika Singh), who proves to be a worthy of becoming the Nation’s pride. Nevertheless, the duo has its own toast of affection and combats involved during this venture of turning the public glare on.

One thing that keeps you so much adhered to the film is its treatment of screenplay rendered by Sudha Kongra. The stark characterisations that aren’t confined to certain qualifications, but that can instantly make you laugh and bind you emotionally too…. For instance, we have the characters played by Nasser, Radharavi, Kaali Venkat and few others evoking the right humour in situational contexts rather than placing a namesake comedian. Madhavan extols with a flawless spell and it’s almost like he waited for this script for years and yes he delivers a compelling show. Watch out for the sequence, where he is humiliated by Ritika saying, “Manasula Enna Dhanush nu nenaipa?” (Do you think yourself Dhanush?). No actor would easily accept such lines and Maddy deserves huge appreciations for this factor. Ritika doesn’t look like a newcomer and she pulls forth a magnetizing performance. She easily delivers so much of naturalistic approach towards her characterisation. The last 30 minutes of the film, the duo Madhavan-Ritika just sweep us off the feet. Radha Ravi and Nasser on their portions deliver more realistic show. There are many sequences, where the raw rustic profane lines are used, but they look apt for the situations.

On the technical front, the musical score by Santosh Narayanan offers the sumptuous treat with transfixing background score and songs. He is indeed one of the strong pillars for making the film look more enhanced. Cinematography and editing are the backbones perhaps, especially during the last 15 minutes.

Overall, Irudhi Suttru deserves a must watch cadre and yes, it has everything that will inspire you, engage you and moreover offer a great message of honouring and encouraging women to achieve best things to bring pride in our country.

Verdict: A persuasive drama of inspirations and emotions

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