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Jil Jung Juk

Sometimes, a different attempt surely deserves better verdicts, but what turns out to be a hampering factor is that the treatment and how it is done makes the difference. Jil Jung Juk, right from the announcement of title, first look and the fascinating fact that there is no heroine in the movie kept us engrossed and definitely, what the final output is deserves special acclamations.

Special tons of appreciations to Siddarth, who could put forth a daring attempt to produce and act in a movie that doesn’t feature any heroines… It’s a very wafer thin plot that involves a fantasy backdrop laced with adventure and action.

We are commuted to the world in 2020, where we find a reigning drug lord named Deva declining from his powerful status. He has the last deal to be done – smuggle up the cocaine to a top league customer that could gain him money. He hands over the job to three youngsters with unique characters – Siddarth, Sananth and Avinash, where a car painted pink with narcotic drugs has to be delivered on time. Sooner, things turn out to be bizarre, where the car gets devastated and now the three lives are at stake.

Apparently, as cited above, what keeps us likeable towards the film is the concept that Deeraj and Siddarth have boldly picked up. A sort of inspiration from various Hollywood movies in terms of narration and technical vistas and yet is works out to a decent extent. But the problem occurs slightly with the screenplay. Such racy paced thrillers should keep itself limited with duration around less than 2 hours. The first half gets racy in places with enjoyable moments and as you keep expecting what’s gonna happen next, although the screenplay in second half is pretty good, there seems to be a sort of dragging in places.

Getting on with the performances, everyone in the film has rendered a stupendous acting. Siddarth is so much matured with his acting and others in the cast including Avinash and Sananth too deliver a promising performance. Radharavi and the one playing the characterisation of Deva are best. Although Nasser appears only in one particular scene, he simply lets up the show and not to miss the hilarious moment with RJ Balaji as well.

Background score by Vishal Chandrasekhar is magnificent and is really breathtaking in places, especially during the climax portions. The unique vintage tone offered by cinematographer is always stunning.

On the whole, if Jil Jung Juk had obtained a better treatment of screenplay, especially in second hour, it could have been much enjoyable.

Verdict: Interesting and enthralling in places, but lacks pace in moments

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