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Kaaki Sattai

Kaaki Sattai is an Tamil Movie Featuring SivaKarthikeyan, Sridivya, Prabhu, Manobala. Kaaki Sattai is directed by R.S.Durai Senthil Kumar and Produced by Actor Dhanush‘s Wunderbar Films

Cops have fought against terrorisms, drug peddlers, serial killers, rapists et al and now it’s a new pattern of illegal organ trafficking. Not long back in time, we had Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Yennai Arindhaal starring Ajith Kumar and Arun Vijay in lead roles dealing with same issues, but in limited episodes, but Durai Senthil Kumar focalises the complete plot with this backdrop. Let’s not get into the stuffs of who made first? Who wrote first? End of the day, it’s how engaging the film has been delivered.

Underestimations have become a normalcy in the life of a police constable Mathimaaran (Sivakarthikeyan). He often envisages of his very own persona as a cop officer shattering down the baddies, but in reality does nothing. When his senior officer (Prabhu) urges him the need to bring an appalling case that would change the history, Mathimaaran comes across one such gruesome activities of bigwigs who are involved in the illegal trafficking of organs from North Indian labours who get employed through agencies for blue collar jobs.

In spite of a usual story based on cop locking horns with anti-socialites isn’t something new, but it’s obviously the screenplay that should or supposed to keep the audiences engaged. Durai Senthil Kumar adds some interesting elements of commercial panoramas that easily gains our favour during the first half. There is a plethora of humour, witty lines in the usual panache of Sivakarthikeyan and his sidekicks offering the best to tickle up funny bones. But somewhere in the middle, we tend to feel what the story is. Although, few characterizations are established in the very beginning of the drama, it takes nearly a hour to bring open the conflicts. We tend to believe that there’s going to be more raciness in the second hour and of course, it has to. It travels with some enhancement, but the power that it should carry goes slightly missing. There are some distractions via Manobala, who is completely unnecessary for the situation. Durai Senthil Kumar seems to be self-confused on how to take forward the story. Should it be humorous or serious? This completely ruins the plot and treatment. Almost all the brilliant acts of the protagonist against the baddies seem outdated. We have seen many mass heroes adapting the similar techniques and this seems to be little vague. And we find the logic easily missed out in many places that make things fallible. If these things were neatly noticed and sorted out on the script papers, Kaaki Sattai would have been more appealing in many places.

The appreciable part on the technical front is Anirudh’s fabulous background score and songs that brings up more enhancements to the visual elements. Cinematography is good and appreciable.

Sivakarthikeyan matures to the next level of performance. Might be, it’s just a normal entertainer, which might not bring such offbeat acting, but he has breathed more life and soul into the role he has performed. Be it the hilarious scenes or the emotional ones, he brings out the best from him. Even his dancing skills are improvised and his action scenes are groovy. Sri Divya looks beautiful and her role seems to be travelling throughout the film, but it could have be at its best. Vijay Raaz as the baddie is cool, smart and villainous with his performance. With more dialogues rendered in English, he does it with more casualness. Yog Japee has his role short and crisp. Nagi Needu is convincing. Imman Annachi is funny throughout the drama.

Had the screenplay was sharpened with more raciness in the second half and few old-pattern scenes were avoided, Kaaki Sattai would be a real great film to watch for. As of now, it’s a commercial entertainer that you can watch up for time-pass.


Verdict: A cop’s rage for justice.


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