Kaaval Movie Review


Sometimes, impressive title and a sparkling actor like Samuthirakani, earlier Prakash Raj and Raghuvaran sort, were more than enough to pull some crowd into the theatre. Apparently, Samuthirakani here becomes a strong element that might propel audiences to opt for ‘Kaaval’, which features Vimal in lead role. Filmmaker V.R. Nagendran has seemingly pulled in a bunch of some prominent actors to make sure the film is strongly conveyed, but it fails somewhere in the middle with flaws found in plethora across everywhere.

The film has a simple plot, where Samuthirakani plays an undercover agent looking up for a hunt on the most dreaded smuggler Karuna. During this process, Vemal, an useless youngster gets befitted to this conflict and what happens next is portrayed with a much predictable screenplay.

The film has lots of weak points and director has failed to give more emphasis on substantial screenplay. Everything in the film irks us to the core and really make us wonder how come such proficient actors afforded to sign this project. Vemal has been considerably doing well with his projects, though some of them might have not peprformed well in box office, but this one slashes down his brownie points earned through some previous works. It’s just Samuthirakani who gains the best attention with his dialogue deliveries and intensely powerful performance. He has undoubtedly become a prominent actor who can give a try to any role with excellence in an effortless manner.

Technically, the film is more disappointing as nothing impresses or even deserves a notice.

On the whole, Kaaval as the title suggests speaks about the justifications on strengths of a police department, but nothing actually with accordance to the narration of Nagendran does its best from this film being sunken.

Verdict: Not worth watching for.

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