Kallappadam Movie Review


Cast and Crew

Lakshmi Priya
Director : J Vadivel
Producer : Anand Ponniraivan
Cinematography : Sreerama Santhosh
Music Director : K

Movie Review

A consubstantial story of perception had prevailed in film industry over the years. When a filmmaker makes a movie based on the travails and issues involved in the process of film making or throws lights upon ‘Kanavu Thozhir Chaalai’, it would be a might win or sure lose situation. In fact, even from the times of Bharathiraja and Balu Mahendra, there were have been certain films based on this topic and to a certain extent, they were decorously appreciated, but wasn’t commercially successful. The changing moments happened in Kollywood and subsequently films like Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam and Jigarthanda could add up some refreshing brew to them. Kallappadam that comes from newcomer J Vadivelu, who earlier worked as protégé to Mysskin in many movie has such illustrations of suffering technicians aspiring for success, who face critical situations and how the tale takes a twist in turn.

Revealing the plot of Kallppadam would actually kill the excitements and we prefer just giving the outline. It’s about bunch of wannabe winners of film industry trying to make their maiden debut (these roles are played the real life technicians themselves like filmmaker Vadivelu, music director K, cinematographer and editor). They face failures and when on giving the best try and things take a turn when they have producer their way (played by Aadukalam Narain).

The initial phase of this film could be slightly a dull-up though we are directly introduced to the plot. We tend to get it closely linked with some similar movies like Azhagiya Theeye and Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam, but director Vadivelu and his team of writers gladly surprise us with some new-dimensional narrative and the course of story changes instantly. The second hour would have you indulged in some laughter and appreciable twists with unpredictable climax.

It is really nice to see veteran comedian Senthil to make his comeback after a long time. Though his role is minimal, he gets the best scope and Aadukalam Narain makes an immensely colossal performance. Lakshmi Priya has taken sleepwalk through the role of what is required from her. Leena wins our appreciations with naturalistic performance.

Musically, K has offered some nuances in spell, but it could have been better. Background score is best in few places. Cinematography is convincingly top-notch and editing turns out to be a major disappointment with jarring cuts.

Overall, Kallappadam offers some refreshing experience with fun and twists with good characterizations. There aren’t much speak about the minuses and it’s a good attempt overall.

Verdict: Watch it once.

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