Kanchana 2 Movie Review

Kanchana 2

Cast and Crew:

Director:  Raghava Lawrence
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Written: Raghava Lawrence
Starring: Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu, Kovai Sarala, Renuka
Music: Leon James, C.Sathya, S.Thaman, Ashwamithra
Cinematographer: Rajavel Olhiveeran
Distributor:  Sun Pictures, Thenandal Fims
Language:  Tamil,Telugu
Budget:  25 crore (US$3.9 million)


When a sequel is made, especially for a horror movie, expectations shoot up to a greater magnitude, sometimes, it crosses beyond the usual levels that we tend to anticipate more and more surprises and enthrallment’s from the movie. Raghava Lawrence’s Muni was a sleeper hit and what followed next – Kanchana 2 was a blockbuster one. Obviously, the third installment kept us awaited for many years and finally gets its toast across the screens.

This time, Raghava Lawrence plays a top-notch cameraman for a leading TV channel and is madly in love with a beautiful journalist (Taapsee). When their TV channels drops down with the TRP, the MD (Suhasini) insists them to think something unique that will get them back on foot. Apparently, Taapsee gives an interesting concept of having a show based on paranormal investigation. Things get approved and they plan up a drama to make the entire country believe about existence of ghosts. They have the best fun-filled group that consists of a doctor (Sriman), light boys (Manobala and  Chaams) and a personal security (Mayilsamy) to accompany Raghava Lawrence to restroom when he wants to visit on natural call. Sounds funny isn’t? Everything looks humorous until they discover that the house they are setting up the drama is really haunted. Sooner Raghava and Taapsee become victims of the paranormal incidents and what follows next is a series of spine-chilling moments.

It seems like Raghava Lawrence had clearly understood the pulse of audiences over the success of ‘Kanchana’. Almost everything in the film looks as the same pattern. The first half is filled with more and more humour with an ensemble star-cast that includes Kovai Sarala. Raghava Lawrence as usual manages to keep the audiences so much engrossed and we never feel as though more than a hour has passed by the first half. But the actual problem starts post-intermission. Of course, the comedy portions are very well done, but it stumbles halfway while opening up the flashback. Technically, the film has matured more than its previous installments with good efficiency spotted in animation and CG works. Raghava Lawrence’s smart plans of having four music directors for this film have worked out. Almost all the songs are enjoyable; especially the first song ‘Sillatta Pillatta’ featuring Raghava and his brother would send the mass audiences into high crazy fever. ‘Vaaya Veera’ is a sensual treat involving romance and good tunes. The background score by Thaman sounds quite harsh in few places. Cinematography has been very well done and editing by late National award winner Kishore is so crisp that we don’t sense the transitions. The climax portion of the film seems to be little vague and lacks emotional punch. Moreover, the open ending is blatantly missing and we see just ‘MUNI – 4’ coming soon.

Raghava Lawrence is remarkable. He stuns us vividly with many roles in the film. Particularly, the scene where he turns up with various roles as a young kid, teenage girl and old granny is awesome. Taapsee gets a different role for the first time and her role is an actual surprise as she gets haunted at first. But who steals the complete show is Nithya Menen. This girl creates magic with her minimal appearance. Sriman appears in few places and his portions are rib-tickling. The first half portions involving the episodes of Sriman, Kovai Sarala, Mayilsamy, Manobala and Chaams create huge laughter.

But what creates an actual problem is the length of this film, which doesn’t keep us intact. The audiences feel that the story is stumbling halfway. It would have been nice if Raghava Lawrence had corrected these flaws while penning the script.

Overall, Kanchana 2 is entertaining during the first hour, but slightly drops down the line with some non-engaging moments in second half with an ordinary climax.


Verdict: Okay! But doesn’t outperform ‘Kanchana’.


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