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Very few films are made based on media thrillers and years back it was Ko, which spangled up an inmost thriller code, though loosely based on Hollywood movie ‘State of Play’. This one, which comes from Santhosh, a debut filmmaker is based on the counterfeiting of documents that actually pushes many into inevitable series of issues. The film features Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa in lead roles with an ensemble star-cast of Bhagyaraj, Karunakaran, Sunder Ramu, Aadukalam Narain and few more prominent actors.

Atharvaa Murali plays a journalist associated with a low profile TV channel… He has almost got a picture perfect life, when he is close on the heels of getting a job at BBC and winning the heart of beautiful girl (Catherine Tresa). But things turn out to be Topsy-Turvy, when police hold him as a criminal for counterfeiting college certificates. Many other youngsters are being cornered the same crime. Will the protagonist be able to uncover the mystery and get loosened up with the troubles is something you’ll have to wait and watch over the screens.

Post-Paradesi, Atharvaa had awaited a long break to get him on the right course of action and yes, it looks like the right time has come. While his ‘Eetti’ proved to be a decent run in the box office, he has improvised a lot over his performance skills in this movie too. Especially, his action sequences are incredibly expressive. Catherine Tresa has got nothing much to perform other than being an usual stereotypical heroine. Well, her glam-up factors would surely woo up the audiences. K Bhagyaraj offers his best in portions and so is Aadukalam Narain, who plays the role of his father. Karunakaran offers the best humour in parts and Sunder Ramu gets a meaty role to perform. Tarun Arora, the newbie in K-town spells out fabulously as a baddie in this movie.

Musical score by Sivamani is just okay with the background score offering some better orchestral.

The film has a fast-paced screenplay in the first half and the second hour could have been slightly trimmed, making it crispier.

On the whole, Kanithan is a decorous entertainer, where you find the narrative style in the pattern of Thuppakki, Kaththi and Arima Nambi.

Verdict: Racy and engaging in parts

Diffusé par Adcash

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