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Balancing friendship and love becomes the most complex part in everyone’s lives and Kappal focuses on a lad’s colliding encounters between his love and friendship. Vaibhav and Sonam Bajwa play the lead roles with Karunakaran, Arjunan, Venkat Sundar and Karthik Priyadarshan as his close pals. Robot Shankar and VTV Ganesh have performed important characters. Karthik G Krish makes his debut directorial with this film, which is released by his mentor Shankar under the banner of S Picture

Right from childhood, Vasu (Vaibhav) and his close buddies – Kanagasundram (Karunakaran), Kalyanasundram (Arjunan), Pattabi (Venkat Sundar) and Venkat (Karthik Priyadarshan) have been closely bonded and their acquaintance is very well known to everyone. They make a childish affirmation that they shouldn’t marry as it would ruin their friendship and even so, the same girl as in the mythological characters of Draupadi and Pandavas. As they grow up, Vasu gets makes his way to Chennai and falls in love with a beautiful girl Deepika (Sonam Bajwa). Sooner, when love is all set to bloom, his friends visit Chennai and rest as you know is a bundle of hilarious confusions and emotions.


You cannot expect more of an unconventional performance in a comedy film. Vaibhav is so emotionless in many scenes and this guy has to exert some super power if he wants to achieve some good status. Or else, he would be seen in multi-starrers or some pivotal roles. Sonam Bajwa is a postcard girl and looks like a hotshot model, but when it comes to performance, she is an amateur kid. Karunakaran evokes some laughter with his usual style and Arjunan is okay. VTV Ganesh gets a meaty role and he slightly resembles the Vadivelu style in few places.


Karthik G Krish has employed an equal status of friendship and romance in this film. A ‘Ship’ that never sinks is Friendship and it can be a major strength till the end for anyone in their lives. The emotional quotients are very well handled. Cinematography is pretty appreciation in places and Kadhal Casatta songs engrave the touch of director Shankar with rich and grandeur art works and visuals.


The film has to be crisp irrespective of its genres or else things turn out fallible. The writing gets perfect during the initial portions and slightly turned out flimsy. The songs really don’t impress us and they don’t sustain in our memories anywhere. The continuity between few scenes turn missing and Krish could have added up some songs really engaging.

Kappal had some innovative designs and creative teasers, but when you watch it as a film, there is 50% of engagement while the rest fails to keep us engrossed.

Verdict: Half-sunken ship

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