Kathukkutti Movie Review


Directed by : Era. Saravanan
Produced by : R. Ramkumar
Starring : Narain, Srushti Dange, Soori, Jayaraj, Sandhya
Music by : Aruldev
Cinematography : Santhosh Sriram
Production company : OWN Productions
Country : India
Language : Tamil

In an apparent bid to make critics think twice before pointing out flaws in the film, director Saravanan, who was a journalist earlier, has named his debut venture ‘Kathukutti’.

The film speaks about the woes faced by farmers (we saw Goundamani’s ’49 O’ with a similar theme only recently) and the attempts made by a wastrel to set things right.

The director, being a former journalist, has done home work to bring on screen the plight of those involved in agriculture. But he has missed out on coming out with a taut script and the packaging too lacks fizz.

Arivazhagan (Naren) is a carefree youngster and he is the son of a local politician. He spends all his time with his friend Ginger (Soori). Though he is dubbed as wastrel by many, Arivazhagan has ambitions for agriculture.

In the meantime, he also has an affair with Bhuvana (Srishti Dange). One day, he is fielded as candidate in a by-election by his father’s party, much against to the wishes of his dad. However, Arivazhagan accepts the challenge.

But he faces all hurdles in the form of Vasanth, another young and educated candidate. Vasanth is ready to go to any extent to defeat Arivazhagan and he even uses the death of Bhuvana’s father for the purpose.

The rest is all about whether Arivazhagan, the ‘kathukutty’  (novice) that he is, manages to break the evil designs of the opponent(s) and achieves his mission or not.

The first half is entertaining, but the second half is preachy. At many places, we are delivered with messages, with the main being the need to safeguard agriculture and to protect farmers.

Naren makes a comeback with this flick, but his dialogue delivery is not convincing. Soori tries to evoke laughter, while Srishti Dange fits well to the bill of a village belle. Others in the cast are okay.

The cinematography is colourful to the eyes, and the background score is good.  The director could have made the film much interesting with some smart writing and by infusing more pace to the screenplay. But still, ‘Kathukutti’ has its moments and a message too.

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