Kirumi Movie Review


Directed by : Anucharan
Produced by : K Jayaram, L Prithiviraj, M Jayaraman, S Rajendran
Written by : M. Manikandan, Anucharan
Starring : Reshmi Menon, Kathir, Charle, Vanitha Thennavan
Music by : Krishna Kumar
Cinematography : Arul Vincent
Edited by : Anucharan
Production company : JPR Films
Release dates : September 24, 2015
Country : India
Language : Tamil

Crime thrillers have been rarest of its kind, when it comes to Tamil cinema and apparently, when some maverick filmmakers try to implement their ideas, it gradually shifts to gangsters, but debutant Anu Charan picks up an unusual theme, but something really pragmatic of what we have been witnessing in our daily lives across the lanes we pass through. The film features Kathir of Madha Yaanai Koottam fame and Reshmi Menon in lead roles with David Solomon, Charlie and Thenvannan in important characters.

Kathir plays an ordinary youngster across the neighbourhood of North Chennai. Happily married to a beautiful wife (Reshmi Menon) and blessed with a child, he still has the ‘playboy’ enlivened in him. Charlie plays his well wisher and tries to get him a job that will help his family remain on the safer side against financial crisis. Kathir is favoured by a police officer (David Solomon) and soon he becomes acquainted with the petty jobs of seizing vehicles and accompanying cops as FOP (Friend of Police). When things are going smooth, things take a drastic change that almost threatens his life and closer ones.

The film holds a plot that seems so simpler by the initial moments, but gradually takes on a good pace with a climax that might or may not impress you. It’s merely because, the director tries to capture the audiences with a too realistic approach that’s practical, but again when you come to theatres, it’s commercial treatment that wins your favours. The first half has light moments and we’re introduced to the actual premise with a gruesome twist that comes through intermission.

Over the performances, it’s appreciable time for everyone in the star-cast. Kathir has shown some improvement towards his role and has matured with his acting skills when compared to his previous movie. On the other end, Reshmi Menon might look too young for the role of wife and mother a child, but she decorously carries it. Charlie after a long time gets a scope to perform and his portions are convincingly told. David Solomon had so far appeared in only small roles, but gets to score some best characterisation here blended with good, bad and ugly.

The musical score by K gets brownie points with the background score and songs aren’t actually well delivered. Cinematography is good in places with effective pictorial.

The film lacks some substantiality in the first half and moments during second half are gripping though, with a climax that could have been altered or properly told to make sure audiences from every group could understand it.

Verdict: Gripping in few parts.

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