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The village based films had a revival in 2000s with the emergence of spearheading winner ‘ Paruthiveeran ’. Ever since the film had made a huge wave in box office, all eyes eventually turned this side and almost every aspiring producer, director and actor started looking up for similar movies. On the contrary after a certain extent, there was so much of aversion for this genre as the plethora of such flicks made its way relentlessly onto the screens.

Komban – yet again a film set in the backdrops of village had such expectations of whether it could happen to be a similar styled one.

Let’s take a small look into the synopsis followed by a clear-cut analysis about the performance level of this film.

As vivaciously known, it’s a village based tale revolving around Kombaya Pandian (Karthi) who has been happily enjoying the pampering act of his mother Kottaiammal (Kovai Sarala). When he gets married with Pazhani (Lakshmi Menon), from his neighbouring village, her father Muthaiya (Raj Kiran) accompanies her to his son-in-law’s place. Meanwhile, Komban has some clashes with roughnecks and this eventually starts affecting his personal life as well.

During the late 80s with the emergence of filmmakers like Bharathiraja, the village based movies had a significance because of the emotions and relationships, which had gained more importance. But shifting to the 2000s, it was a mere disappointment except ‘Paruthiveeran’ as mentioned above, which blatantly spoke about the violence, bloodshed and annoying feuds.

Komban stands apart and unparalleled for its treatment of script and decorous narration by Muthaiah. One of the major highlighting facts about the film is the crisp narration and duration as well. It remains short and you don’t feel the length anywhere. While the first half is filled with some fun, establishment of conflicts and few more commercial elements with good songs, the second half is more dedicated to the emotional drama. In fact, there is more scope for everyone in the star-cast during second half.

If you’re incisively looking up for the best scenes in the film,  here it goes…

The first 10 minutes of the film including the introduction of Karthi
The intermission sequence, where Karthi and Raj Kiran have their clash.
The surprising action block by Raj Kiran in second half.
The scene before climax, where Raj Kiran and Karthi realize the love for each other.

These scenes get the theatres involved in applause and there are dialogues, which act as additional strength in the film.

On the flip side, the reason behind the conflicts of what we see between the protagonist and antagonist is stereotypical. It’s been the part and parcel of many village based movies. There isn’t much drama between the hero and villain and the climax seems to end up in a flash. Although the climax fight is greatly choreographed, brining Raj Kiran in a different light with action avatar would have elevated the film’s standards.

Quite a disappointing musical score by GV Prakash and it looks like the right time has come for him to decide between Acting and Musical career. If the background score of this film was done with more power, it could have gained extra intensity.

As on whole, ‘Komban’ is a delightful entertainer, which has the best commercial ingredients to impress the family audiences and could turn to be a hit for this season.
Verdict: Good time pass movie

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