Mapla Singam Movie Review

Mapla Singam

Movie : Mapla Singam
Directed by : Rajasekhar
Produced by : P.Madhan
Written by : Don Ashok
Starring : Vimal, Anjali, Soori
Music by : N. R. Raghunanthan
Cinematography : V.S. Tharun Balaji
Edited by : Vivek Harshan
Production company : Escape Artists Motion Pictures
Release dates : 11 March 2016
Country : India
Language : Tamil


Are you ready to watch a film that doesn’t let you strain much with logical thinking? Nothing to get your nerves tightened up with nitty-gritty action sequences or steamy sequences that would obviously stop parents bringing their kids alongside them? Then, Mappillai Singam is a film that you could watch along with your family for this weekend, without any hesitations. The film is directed by Rajashekar and is produced by Escape Artists Madan with Vimal, Anjali, Soori, Radharavi, Jayaprakash, Madhumilla, Lollu Sabha Swaminathan and many others in the cast.

Set against the southern Tamil Nadu village, the film is about clashes that has been happening over ages between two groups. Radharavi has been constantly winning the elections and has earned the wrath of opposite group headed by Munishkanth. Vimal plays the nephew of Radharavi and Anjali, a lawyer is the cousin girl of Munishkanth and daughter of Jayaprakash. The family feud gets more tougher, when Radharavi’s daughter Madhumilla and Anjali’s younger brother fall in love. As the families insist to separate the young lovers, but Vimal and Anjali decide to get them united and in the process fall for each other. Will the family feud stop them from getting united or not forms crux of the story.

Vimal has always been comfortable with the rural based entertainers and has managed to favour the audiences from this cohort unconditionally. Especially his combination with artistes like Anjali and Soori has been at the best through the commercial quotients. The onscreen chemistry between Vimal and Anjali isn’t much available as more importance is laid on humour. In this quotient, it is both Vimal and Soori, who offer decent course of humour along with artistes like Munishkanth, Lollu Sabha Swaminathan and Kaali Venkat.

The first half proceeds with a much lighter and lively moments, though there is no proper story. It keeps the audiences engaged with some humour and fun. Things slightly get slowed up by second half, but it works out well by the time of penultimate moments with a climax that is dramatized as in Sundar C movies.

On the technical front, the film has nothing much to be appreciated, but nor do they look like a constraint.

Overall, Mappillai Singam is a middling entertainer that you can enjoy, if you’re planning to spend some leisure time to be spent this weekend.

Verdict: Stereotypical but okay with some entertainment ingredients.

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