Masala Padam Movie Review

Masala Padam

Directed by : Laxman Kumar
Produced by : Vijayaraghavendra, Laxman Kumar
Screenplay by : Laxman kumar and lakshmi Devy
Story by : Laxman Kumar
Starring : Shiva, Bobby Simha, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy
Music by : Karthik Acharya
Cinematography : Laxman Kumar
Edited by : Richard Kevin
Production company : Allin Pictures
Country : India
Language : Tamil

When Mirchi Shiva utters the best realism movie he has come across so far in Tamil cinema is Baasha and World Cinema is ‘Mirattal Adi’, it might evoke laughter across few groups, but the director actually tries to exhibit the actual taste and perception of cinema from a general public. Firstly, we would like to congratulate filmmaker Laxman Kumar for such an immense portrayal of reality. Masala Padam comes packaged with such moments that goes very well adhered to the contemporary situation of cinema.

When a producer of commercial film challenges a bunch of bloggers who incessantly keep criticizing the new releases online, they are asked to a write a script for commercial film. They take up the challenge and decide to follow three youngsters from different status of society – Mirchi Shiva from middle class, Bobby Simha – a goon in North Chennai and Gaurav, a filthy rich guy with no aspirations in life. To make the situations more interesting, they decide to make their friend (Lakshmi Devy) get acquainted to these people for grasping some intensive moments. But literally, things take a turn out that they didn’t expect.

While Mirchi Shiva comes up with his usual paradigm of amusing us with laughter, Bobby Simha delivers a neat and decorous performance. Especially Bobby’s emotional sequences with Lakshmi Devy are quite commendable. Less is what we see with Gaurav who gets to play something causual as a rich handsome guy. Others in the cast try to give some best spell including Venkat who plays a producer.

Technically analysing, the film has a graph of mediocre elements and it could have been better.

The first few minutes seems like a docu-drama presentation followed by some hilarious moments followed by the situations slightly getting into a different zone. The second half has some emotional contexts, but again the movie reminiscences of flicks like Jigarthanda and Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam.

Overall, Masala Padam is quite appreciable in few parts with the mix of hilarious and emotional events, but it would have nicer if writers had made it little crisp and made the narration more engaging.

We appreciate entire team for attempting something different and innovative, but with a narration with clear and crispness, the film would have been better.

Verdict: Interesting theme but with middling narration

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