Masss aka Massu Engira Masilamani Movie Review

Masss aka Massu Engira Masilamani

Horror and the word has turned out to be hackneyed with relentless releases and finally with the summer vacations on the verge of ending, Venkat Prabhu and Suriya together bring out their magnum opuses ‘Masss’, which is now renamed as ‘Masssu Engira Maasilamani’. Made a whopping budget by Studio Green K.E. Gnanavel Raja and is directed by Venkat Prabhu that carries an ensemble star-cast of Suriya, Nayantara, Pranitha, Premgi Amaran, Karunaas, Sriman, Sanjay Bharathi, Parthiepan, Samuthirakani and many others. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music and cinematography is handled by R.D. Rajashekar.

Since revealing more in synopsis would actually turn to be a spoiler, we are bringing you just a gist of this storyline. Masss (Suriya) and his close friend Jettu (Premgi Amaran) are close buddies involved in conniving tasks of illegally looting money. When Masss comes across a beautiful girl (Nayantara), he instantly falls in love with her and sooner tries to help her with a whopping cash of 3.5Lacs for her to get promotion in hospital. But on their way back, the hooligan don sends out his henchmen to snatch them for looting their big money. During this course, both Masss and Jettu are hit by accident and what happens next is a series of unexpected twists and turns.

On the performance level, it’s Suriya who keeps dominating the screen space throughout. His role as Masss, a local small time thug is extraordinarily done. He effortlessly brings out the best emotions through his dialogue deliveries and body language. As an Eelam Tamilian, he pushes his career graph to the next level. His overpowering looks and makeover deserves special mention and his Sri Lankan slang is magnificent. Secondly, it’s Premgi Amaran who accompanies Suriya throughout the film and his role is quite different from what he performed earlier. Others in the cast are more disappointing as Venkat Prabhu fails to offer them the best substantial roles as before. Even the minimal roles in his movies would be so much strong, but here they turn out to be feeble. Parthiepan doesn’t get a meaty role and his role is so much limited. Samuthirakani doesn’t get a meaty role and has been wasted. Karunaas, Sriman and Premgi Amaran give their best on hilarious touch. For the first ever time, Nayantara does a film, where she hardly appears and Pranitha has the same scenario.

Venkat Prabhu endows the film with racy and gripping screenplay during the first half and everything flashes in rapid pace. On the contrary, the second half gets slightly down the momentum and the pace is completely lost with fallible writing. There aren’t any gripping moments and the screenplay turns more predictable. The flashback sequences are so common and there is no logic into it. The purpose behind the characters remains so purposeless at the end.

Songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja gets embellished by the cinematography of RD Rajashekar. The background score is indeed appealing. CG works are very well done.

Overall, Massu Engira Maasilamani has a good concept slightly reminiscent of American TV series Ghost Whisperers, but with the first half completely engrossing and second hour not to perfect and intact, this might gain the favour of children groups and family audiences as well.

Verdict: Good, but doesn’t exceed our expectations

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