Meagamann Movie Review


Could this be a sigh of relief for Arya fans, who missed his action avatar of years? It’s a close call and of course it gets justified with the stellar packaging of Magizh Thirumeni, who earlier delivered a laudable action thriller ‘Thadaiyara Thaakka’.


The backdrop is Goa and it’s portrayed a land of drug cartels ruled by an Invisible Drug Lord Jyothi (played by Ashutosh Rana). He owns the complete network, but a surprising part is not his own men have seen him till the date. Arul (Arya), an undercover agent is assigned by police department to pull down the entire network. He manages to join the group of Jyothi earning their favour in the name of Shiva. He hatches some smart plans to bring Jyothi into the outside world, but things get complicated when 1000Kgs of narcotic drugs gets stolen. The game of cat and mouse hits the high pitch laced with some exciting thrill and action moments.


To make it simple, Arya hasn’t exerted extra energy into this role as in his previous films. He remains silent sans expressions, but this role fits him. He has to thank Magizh Thirumeni for choosing him for this role that doesn’t require lots of dialogues and only body language with perfect mannerisms is more than enough. Hansika Motwani doesn’t get more appearance in the film, but is delineated in a perfect way that is required for the script. Ashutosh Rana is a new age baddie in showbiz and Magizh again deserves his praises for portraying him in an unforeseen manner. He doesn’t lock horns nor laugh heavily in villainous style, but offers the feel that baddies should. Ramana, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sudhanshu Pandey of Billa II fame deliver their best performances.


First and foremost, it’s the gripping narration of Magizh Thirumeni that keeps us so much engrossed throughout the show. There are many edge-on-seated elements that even lets the few minuses get diminished. The background score by Thaman is a huge surprise as the music director hadn’t delivered any such works in the recent times. The cinematography and crisp editing contributes a lot to the fast-paced narration. The climax has been delivered with perfection and it makes the film a complete experience of watching it.


If you’re suggesting that few intimacies between Arya and Hansika Motwani, bar dance track et al would be keeping away family audiences from this film, it is not actually a minus as the censor certification U/A has it all. The songs could have been better.

Meagamann is a racy thriller that arrives as a surprise for this Christmas season. It is worth killing your time for.

Verdict: Racy, gripping and fast-paced


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