Naaigal Jaakirathai Movie Review

Naaigal Jaakirathai

Lots of unconventional themes and neo noirs dominate our industry and there happens to be a rarity for family audiences to have their toast together. Naaigal Jaakirathai turns up to be such flick that has its own plus and little minuses, but offers it piece of entertainment to all family audiences.

The opens with a Belgium Shepherd Subramani sitting beside its murdered master, a major commander in Kashmir and it is commuted to Coimbatore at the neighbourhood of Karthik (Sibiraj), a cop on rest hit by bullet during shootout in loss of his close friend as well. Soon they start bonding well and become almost like brothers. Apparently, when a group of masked abductors already on headlines as dreaded troublemakers kidnap Karthik’s wife (Arundhati), both Karthik and Subramani set out to bring her back.

First things first! Sakthi Soundarajan deserves good acclaims for envisaging a beautiful idea to entertain the audiences. It’s been a long time we had come across sangfroid entertainers. Well, this isn’t a complete film for dog lovers, but with dog placed as an important character, it easily grabs the attention of kids indeed. On the pars, there is a substantial plot in the backdrops with a kidnap drama seriously haunting Sibiraj.

Sibiraj has made a comeback with safe bet. Not keeping himself glued to the usual style of heroisms, he turns up with a different style and thinking. His performance in few places faintly reminiscences of his father Sathyaraj, but that’s fine and it doesn’t hassle the film. Belgium Shepherd’s trainer deserves the best appreciation for making the dreams of Sakthi Soundarajan, Sibiraj and entire crew true. The relationship between Sibiraj and Arundhati are very well portrayed.

There are little minuses in the film; the way antagonists are delineated could have been more powerful. The first half has lots of engaging moments, but during the second hours, things slightly get slowed down. But overall, the drama remains to be good and entertaining in parts.

Songs by Dharan are the additional attractions and picturing by cinematographer are worthy of appreciations. In few places, the shot composition of camera could’ve been scrupulously done to avoid the illogical elements in locations.

On the whole, Naaigal Jaakirathai is a decent family entertainer that will engage the audiences and it has some values that will let family audiences have their fun and good time together.

Verdict: A cool entertainer for family audience

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