Nannbenda (Nanbenda) Movie Review

Nannbenda (Nanbenda)

Nannbenda or Nanbenda carries forth the traces of previous films from Udhayanidhi-Santhanam combination that doesn’t work in any parts. Produced by Udhay’s home banner of Red Giant Movies, the film is directed by debutant Jagadeesh, a former associate of director Rajesh. Nayantara plays the female lead with Naan Kadavul Rajendran and Susanne having some roles to perform.

Sathya (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is no different from the protagonists of Rajesh films, where he is a devil-may-care guy with no intentions to look up for a job and future. From Tanjore, he travels all the way to Trichy or meeting his close friend (Santhanam), which he has been following as a ritual for many years. When he comes across a beautiful girl (Nayantara), he instantly falls in love with her and no doubt, he wants to marry her at any cost and starts following her to woo her heart. But he is surprised to know about the buried past of Nayantara and her shocking crime.

Much alike most of the Rajesh movies, the screenplay pattern travel on the same route. The film opens with flashback mode, where we find the protagonist on the urge to seek revenge with someone, much towards ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’ panache. Naturally, unraveling it towards the end would be a hilarious one with accordance to the similarities. Udhayanidhi Stalin has to overcome and overshadow of what he has been doing in all his three films. It looks like so bored in many places of replicating the same old style. In fact, it’s disappointing to see that the laughter in theatres for Udhay-Santhanam combination has slightly declined from OKOK to Idhu Kathiravelan Kadhal and now with Nannbenda. The lead actors are seen with the similar costumes of their previous films with Santhanam in weird colourful costumes. Everything is a replica and it doesn’t impress us anywhere.

The comedy tracks by Santhanam rarely make us laugh and we have desperately keep our lips ready for smile awaiting their laughter therapy, only to get disappointed.  Nayantara looks little aged and her make-up artist could have worked for best results. Well, aging is not an issue with an actor, but what turns us down is her bleak characterization, which reminds us off her early day roles in films.

Harris Jayaraj gets nowhere outside his usual zone in both background score and songs, except few tracks. Too many songs inserted into the tedious screenplay get us irked.

Lack of comedy, impactful plot and ho-hum screenplay with a performance lacking spontaneity makes ‘Nannbenda’, a boring affair.


Verdict: Disappointing drama without humour.


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